My 5 circled career aspects that need improvement

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March 03, 2018

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There was a post I read long ago, it was an article telling Warren Buffet instructs people how to select and prioritize their goals from their seas of todo task lists. The instruction was “listing your 25 goals you desire to achieve them, circle 5 things you decide that they should have the most priority to be focused, and others that you decided not to circle them become your distraction list”. Planning goals is the most essential step, ensure that we will not waste a single of our effort pouring into things that give off a mediocre result. I also tried and clarified my list, to deliberately complete them gradually. They are not something that can be accomplished in an afternoon, they have to be given daily attention, and their progress should have to be checked periodically. This way, we can make sure that how much things have advanced, and be motivated to continue them the following day.

1. Venture into the investment field

When I was younger, hearing “stock”, “share”, “investment” felt like they were powerful entities that only privileged people were able to touch them, and those who were not qualified but still tried to take part in would be doomed to eternal poverty. After a while, understanding that investment is a form of making a fortune and stock/share is a method of investment, the past things became less complicated than they used to be. Since I do not have much expertise in stock investment, and I do not have time to become a day trader, I chose the safer way to begin as a layman in investment field: Buy share from large corporations, hold it and receive annual dividends. This way, I will have less worry about the fluctuation of stock prices, and my precious time can be used for improving other aspects of my life.

2. Put serious effort into English skill betterment

For a while, I neglected to improve my English skill continually, I mumbled to myself that being able to read and grasp the gist of technical articles, understand answers written on StackOverflow is more than enough. It definitely helps if we can freely use foreign languages other than English, as it gains us more advantage compared to other candidates in competitive situations. However, mastering English will undoubtedly benefit in the long run. And by “serious effort”, I mean that the outcome has to be measured in a way that can be visually confirmed, like a certificate. With a routinely dedicated effort, a positive way of studying, and an aid of passive learning, an overall band 7 in general English test might not seem so overwhelming after all. To be always prepared in a world that becomes more and more volatile, an indispensable survival tool like English cannot be ignored.

3. Be a relentless writer

Blogging is not only for keeping notes and memories, but it is also a popular way of expressing oneself. Expressing ideas and opinions smoothly through writing is a vital skill in modern life. Just by purchasing a domain and a host and we are able to get our own personal space on the Internet to draft anything that comes to mind. The feeling of having a tiny space somewhere on the Internet that belongs to us is so compelling that anyone would be inclined to buy a domain for themself. And to not waste that precious tiny space, we should write regularly. It is not necessary to write daily if our timetables are clogged with plans, but it should be scheduled. By having a habit of writing, our skills should be gradually improved. If posts accumulate enough and the blogging is done properly, we may even attract, and up our popularity, we can even make business with our blogs. Sounds cool? Practice writing in our leisure time is also a good habit to adopt, just make sure that we got our best dictionaries to assist us if we choose to write in a language that we haven’t been comfortable with it yet.

4. Improve skill as a software programmer

Having an ability to write or understand programming codes, or being skilled enough to tackle software development in this modern world is equivalent to being blessed. While other industries can experience stagnation at times, technologies are continually flourishing and have never shown signs of pause. That said, merely being a programmer is not going to ensure stable employment, let alone well-earning position. To make a living in software industries requires solid skills and stopless, deliberate practices. The more we can understand a popular language and how it works under the hood, the better. As a software programmer, I found that the ability to continue to master our already known technologies while keeping up with the latest updates must be built into our instincts. In a rapidly changing world, these will be essential. Doing a side hustle, developing a small tool or app as a hobby, or just turning anything that comes to our mind into codes is a good way of practicing and maintaining our skills, because programming skill will become rusty over time and in order to remain competitive enough it has to be sharpened.

5. Adopt new skills for the future

(That said, polishing the already possessed skills is always easier, requires less effort and we can measure our progress daily. Maybe I will reserve this for later.)

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