Link your PSN account with Facebook while keeping Facebook two-factor authentication on

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September 07, 2019

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If you have already enabled two-factor authentication on your Facebook account, you may encounter trouble when trying to link PSN account to your Facebook account on your PS3/PS4. Even though you typed your Facebook email, password, and the one-time generated password correctly, after clicking “Agree” button on the Terms of Services screen, the PS3/PS4 still displays that your email/password/one-time password input was wrong. This is believed to be Facebook’s bug on their services that some applications are unable to properly link to Facebook account with two-factor authentication set up.

Fortunately, the problem can be remedied with the newly implemented Facebook app password. Following the procedures below and you will be able to link your PSN account with Facebook without temporarily disabling Facebook’s two-factor authentication.

Go to “Settings” on Facebook

It is in the drop down on the header.

It is in the drop down on the header.

On “Security and Login”, click the “Add” button in the “App passwords” of “Two-factor Authentication” region

The location is quite straightforward.

The location is quite straightforward.

Click “Generate app passwords”


You are greeted with a small dialog. Go ahead. You have to type your password again before actually starting to create an app password.


Type the identifier of your app password and click “Generate password”


Your app password has been generated! Note the password somewhere and keep it carefully because you won’t get to see it again!


After that, log in to your Facebook account on the PSN link screen using your Facebook’s email and the app password as your password.

You won’t need to input one-time generated password and the login will be finished successfully!

Remember this trick and you don’t have to reach to your OTP device the next time you need to log in to your Facebook from other services!

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