How to reset trial time for Jetbrains products

May 27, 2018

Article available in English

Ran out of trial period and you would like to have that period extended a little bit more, but you don’t feel like contacting the customer support, nor you don’t want to use a pirated copy either. What should you do? In this article, I will introduce a way to reset the trial period to its full duration from the beginning (30 days). As long as you reset the trial period when it begins to time out, you can virtually use the product in “trial state” for unlimited time! The tutorial was done on MacOS, but Window users should not have any problems finding a similar way to follow the tutorial (through the setting files in the hidden folder in Document folder and registry). You have to edit the host file too (to block the connection between the product and its server), but the pattern is the same for both OS. This reset trial guide should work with almost every standalone IDE of Jetbrain, such as IntelliJ Idea, PhpStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine. Let’s get our hand dirty!

1. Terminate your JetBrains application

2. Remove all *.key files in ~/Library/Preferences/<Your Jetbrains product name>/eval/ folder

They are here

3. Remove ~/Library/Preferences/<Your Jetbrains product name>/options/options.xml file

In the picture above, the options folder and eval folder are in the same parent folder.

4. Remove any Jetbrains related keys in ~/Library/Preferences/ file

Use an XML editor to remove the keys (I’m using XCode). Regular text editors don’t seem to be working. In the picture, the “JetbrainsUserIdOnMachine” and “JetBrains” nested key are the two to be removed.

5. Remove all JetBrains related plist files in ~/Library/Preferences/

6. RESTART YOUR COMPUTER (this is important since OS caches all the preferences. You have to restart OS for the new preferences to be fetched)

7. Block connections to JetBrains servers

Open your host file (in MacOS the host file is located at /etc/hosts). Append these two rows to your host file

You can also use other applications to block your JetBrains product’s internet connection (note that the application you use must be able to block outgoing connections). In MacOS I’m using Little Snitch to do this job for me (you can use a demo version of Little Snitch because JetBrains products seem to only connect to their server the moment they are launched, no periodically initiated connections so the demo version will work fine). If you opt for using Little Snitch, the configuration might be tricky so I pasted my configuration here for you.

You only need to block access to domain
You can safely enable “Allow incoming connections” if you are using WebStorm/PhpStorm/IntelliJIdea… for remote debugging. Inside the “Deny outgoing connections” rule you can enable outgoing connections to your remote debug server
The application is pretty anal about application code signature so you have to google things a little (the result is at the top of the first page so you should not have any troubles following the guide to tweak the setting to fit your needs).

8. Finally, run your JetBrains product, select Evaluate for free and enjoy your renewed trial period!

This article is not supposed to be used for pirating, but if you find yourself short of time and/or you cannot find any reasonable excuses to have the customer support extend the trial period for you, then this article can become a life-saver. When you finish with the trial and decide to purchase the product, wipe everything related to your JetBrains product from your computer just in case.