iOS jailbreak random respring - Cause and solution

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December 03, 2020

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Random respring on your jailbroken iOS device and you have no luck finding the root cause? Hopefully this article can provide you with the information or at least the method for you to narrow down and get rid of the cause!

Causes and solutions

1. Jetsam crash

Please don’t close the tab. Hear me out. I know “jetsam” doesn’t make much sense to some of you. In layman’s terms this is an iOS process to control memory and CPU usage, it terminates processes regularly to keep the resources healthy. Some tweaks may cause jetsam to kill processes more aggressively or create memory leak, which result in a respring.

Have you ever experienced random respring when you swipe bottom to return to app switcher, or grab the notification/control center, or run a certain app, do some certain actions? Yes that’s jetsam related.

pic1 jetsam process termination logs (In Setting->Privacy->Analytics & Improvements->Analytics Data, must have System Info tweak installed to view logs). After a random respring happened, look at here to check whether there’s a log created around that time. If it is, the cause is jetsam doing.

⇨Solution: So what? We have ways to prevent this from happening, and that’s exactly the way I’m using it on my device.

Install StopCrashingPls to prevent tweaks from making jetsam angry. Also install FixRandomRespring to unlock iOS memory limitation mechanism so that jetsam can be happy and don’t mind memory problem. After finishing the install, reboot and re-jailbreak again to make sure the tweaks work. 100% working!

2. Bad tweaks

Ah, this again, you may lament. But do you know how to track down the culprit?

⇨Solution: Install cr4shed so that you can have all the crash log and find out what is wreaking havoc. pic2 For example, cr4shed successfully captured a SpringBoard crash event caused by CustomPlayer tweak. Well, this is not really “random”, but you can get confused if you don’t know exactly what tweak is the problem.

These solutions should work with every kind of jailbreak, notably unc0ver, checkra1n and chimera. Try these and comment if this article helped you out!

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