iOS 12 uncover jailbreak random respring - Cause and solution suggestion

May 04, 2019

Article available in English

Many Reddit users have reported the random respring bug on their iOS 12 devices jailbroken by unc0ver. Some users posted their devices’ crash logs, and the cause of random respring was assumed that the occupied memory was overflowed and caused the springboard to crash, leading to respring.

My iPhone 6S device respringed itself at least twice a day. Based on that theory, I have tried to find a solution to stop the random resprings on my device. For me, after many tries, the MiDevice tweak seemed to be the cause since it could change the springboard icon’s opacity and layout and make folder icon background as well as opened folder background become transparent. By disabling MiDevice tweak via iCleaner and using Boxy 3 instead, the random respring frequency apparently dropped significantly (Once per 2 days). Snowboard tweak was also reported as the random respring culprit, but under my observation, it was unlikely that Snowboard tweak was the cause (I uninstalled Snowboard, and the random respring bug still continued).

But the ultimate solution was not that

unc0ver setting “Increase memory limit”

By turning on “Increase Memory Limit” and re-jailbreaking, my device hasn’t had any random resprings in the last 2 days with MiDevice installed! Perhaps the insufficient memory cause that led to respring theory was right after all.

I also didn’t use the status bar editing feature in MiDevice. There was an incompatible status bar modifier that caused my device to fall into safe mode before, and for extra safety, I refrained from using that feature.

Conclusion: Random respring solution I have collected so far

I will sort the solution list by its relevance and importance.

  • Enable the “Increase Memory Limit” option in unc0ver, and re-jailbreak.
  • You might want to disable status bar editing tweaks or features temporarily. That might include many status bar modifiers such as Zeppelin, Alkaline… Disable them and observe for a few days to see whether the random respring frequency is reduced. For me, enabling the status bar modifier function in MiDevice caused the device to random respring at least twice per day. I turned it off and the device has run without fail for 3 days!
  • Uninstall all pirate tweaks and remove all pirate repositories in your device.
  • Use Snapback tweak to back up your installed tweaks, and then enable “Restore RootFS” function in unc0ver and re-jailbreak to return your device to newly jailbroken state. Then restore your installed tweaks via Snapback.
  • Try switching to Chimera jailbreak. Chimera comes with Sileo (a Cydia alternative), it has its own tweak installing mechanism which is different from Cydia substrate. Since Cydia substrate hasn’t been updated to support iOS 12 fully, it might be unstable and this might be the cause of random resprings. I tried switching to Chimera/Sileo and had not experienced any random resprings during that time. The reason I turned back to unc0ver is that Sileo tweak injecting mechanism doesn’t work well with some tweaks, for example, Youtube Tools or Safari Plus (I would like to cover the differences, as well as my personal experience between unc0ver and Chimera in a later article). If the tweaks you are using are compatible with Chimera/Sileo then you might want to permanently migrate to Chimera jailbreak (Use Snapback to backup your tweaks just in case you want to switch back to unc0ver).


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