What is Tsukie?

"Tsukie" in Japanese means "to the moon". "To the moon" is a title of the RPG that tells a beautiful story about the adventure of two doctors trying to help the soon-to-be-deceased people have their last wish fulfilled in their dream. It is literally a "game", but actually a movie, with the plot gently developed, doesn't feel rushed, heart-touching, and has a satisfying ending. The game was one of our best experiences we have tried, and we decided to use the title of our most liked game as our website name!
Tsukie - To the moon
Our "to the moon", beside storytelling, will be where we'll share our thought, ideas, experiences, what we learned or what we think it would be useful... Currently, most of the articles are software programming oriented, self-help oriented, but in the future, we would like to expand the categories to other realms. This website will be inflated and become a mixed hotpot of experience ^^. We hope you will find our "to the moon" journey joyful and helpful!

Who are we?

We are software programmers couple who are learning to be a writer.
Beside our full-time work as a programmer (we have experience with a plethora of technologies such as Java/PHP/Swift/MySQL/JS and its popular frameworks...), we enjoy reading and writing to try expressing our ideas and thought to the world.
Our writings are here and there, vying for your attention, so a comment or a like button press will greatly encourage us ^^ (The Facebook like button won't give us any info of who liked it, it only gives us a statistic of how many people have liked this article, so please feel free to like/share it!)
If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to mail me at [email protected]!